Beginners English

At Aptech Bahrain you can learn English, the global language of success, by studying specially designed courses by Middlesex University, London.

Aptech English courses are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (CEFR) and  Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Beginners English

Beginners English is offered for individuals who have just begun studying English as a foreign language. The goal of this course is to teach English for use in everyday contexts in the job, in school, in college, and in social settings. Learners of Beginners English have plenty of opportunity to advance their general vocabulary, foundational grammar, conversational abilities, and listening comprehension.

The course is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at A1 Level. Six credits and 60 Notional Hours are available for this course

This course has been specially designed for young learners & beginners in English.

Target Learners

  • Learners eligible to take this qualification are able to understand the basics of the targeted language, English.
  • They are able to listen to and comprehend simple everyday conversations as well as the alphabet and other language fundamentals.¬†
  • Sometimes understands essential topics of conversations in casual settings, but finds it difficult to comprehend them.
  • They can write small connected sentences, albeit with grammatical faults, and they can answer simple questions with a good deal of assistance.
  • Prospective Learners are required to obtain a minimum score of 10 out of 50 on the diagnostic test.

Duration: 60 Hours

Course learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate ability to use elementary grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Demonstrate elementary reading and writing skills
  • Demonstrate elementary listening and speaking skills