Learners Attendance and Punctuality Policy


APTECH INSTITUTE, Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the leading Computer Education and Training providers in Kingdom of Bahrain established in the year 1993.  

Management of APTECH INSTITUTE, Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to comply with the rules and regulations of the land, and, towards providing high quality of Computer Education and other trainings to individuals and various corporates, and, meet and/or exceed expectations of all interested Parties. 


Through the implementation of the Learners Attendance and Punctuality Policy, the Management of APTECH INSTITUTE is committed to the following objectives:

·        To demonstrate the Aptech Training Institute’s (APTECH) proactive keenness in inculcating punctuality as a habit amongst their learners.

·        To ensure that the learners inculcate respect for the time and efforts of those associated with them as an important character trait which leads to their individual success in all paths of life.

·        To avoid and completely do away with learning gaps due to absence of students which may also lead to waste of time and efforts of the trainers.

·        To encourage and motivate learners to accomplish their goal of effective learning and attaining high level impact of the training attended by them.

·        To meet the external requirements of i) Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA), Bahrain, Directorate of Vocational Reviews, and ii) Directorate of Institutes Affairs, Bahrain, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, to attain a minimum of 75% attendance of the learners in all training programs.

·        To ensure that the punctuality of students is also reflected in their overall performance.  


This policy applies to all trainees enrolled at, attending, or using Aptech classes and workshops whether through individual enrolment procedure or through a corporate who has sent him /her to attend the training at Aptech.    


The trainers, academic staff, and administration staff is primarily responsible for making sure that the activities and operations of the organization are in consistence with the spirit of this policy.

Guiding Principles

This policy primarily states that

·        We at Aptech encourage all learners to maintain 100% Attendance and Punctuality in all sessions. The benefits of doing so will be explained to the learners during the induction process on the first day of the training program.

·        To encourage student attendance and punctuality, a student reward policy is in force, wherein overall outstanding performance, attendance and punctuality are the key criteria.

·        The attendance and punctuality of learners will be constantly monitored and learners who arrive late by up to 15 minutes will be verbally requested by trainers to adhere to the session schedule. Such a lateness will be marked as L1 for the purpose of calculating punctuality of the learners.  

·        In case of lateness beyond 15 minutes, the learner will be verbally requested by the trainer to adhere to the schedule for the first time. In case of repeat instance of such lateness the learners will be given verbal warning, which will be recorded in the file and also in case of such consecutive lateness (2 times or more) or repeat lateness of 4 times or more will be reported to the employer via email and/or by phone.

·        In case of a repetitive lateness the learner will also be counselled by the Academic Head/ General Manager with benefits of punctuality in the class.

·        Absence in class for 3 consecutive classes will also be reported to the employer or the sponsor.

·        Learners who are most punctual and have more than average performance will be intermittently rewarded and appreciated in front of peers to encourage others to follow the inculcate similar habit.

·        The lateness and absence of learners will also be reflected in their overall performance in the following manner:

                           I.          Lateness from 5 – 15 minutes will be recorded as L1

                          II.          Lateness from 16 – 30 Minutes will be recorded as L2

                        III.          Lateness beyond 30 minutes will be recorded as L3

For calculation of the learners’ marks for attendance, which has 10% weightage in the overall internal performance, absence and lateness both will be considered (Overall Punctuality will be considered).

·        The rewards for Attendance and Punctuality shall also be guided through the Aptech learners Rewards policy. 

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