Learners Admissions Policy

APTECH INSTITUTE, Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the leading Computer Education and Training providers in Kingdom of Bahrain established in the year 1993.

Management of APTECH INSTITUTE, Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to comply with the rules and regulations of the land, and, towards providing high quality of Computer Education and other trainings to individuals and various corporates, and, meet and/or exceed expectations of all interested Parties.



Through the implementation of the Learners Admissions policy, the Management of APTECH INSTITUTE is committed to the following objectives:

·        To provide an overall framework for admissions across the programs/ qualifications at Aptech Institute

·        Aptech Aims to recruit the most talented learners, irrespective of background and even the presence of temporary disability, having the motivation and capability to succeed through the institution’s courses.

·        APTECH aims to promote a dynamic learning community where all trainees shall develop the modern day skills like critical thinking and reasoning, teamwork, communication and the most updated IT skills.

·        To ensure Admissions at APTECH is based on student merit and Procedures, rules and regulations are efficient, fair and clear.

·        To ensure that the admission procedures are consistently applied for all prospective learners and are based on inclusivity and equity.

·        To ensure that all prospective learners are given equal opportunity of admission to Aptech courses irrespective of their religion, Nationality, caste, gender and even their physical abilities/disabilities to whatever extent possible.


This policy applies to all prospective learners who are willing to attend, or to use Aptech classes and workshops whether through individual enrolment procedure or through a corporate who has sent him /her to attend the training at Aptech. 


The administration staff and the Academic head are primarily responsible for making sure that the activities and operations of the organization are in consistence with the spirit of this policy, including trainers and trainees’.

 Guiding Principles

This policy primarily states that

·        Open slots for Aptech Trainings shall be publicized on its website or advertise on the social media.

·        Individual call/email/web or walk-in enquiries shall be handled by the APTECH front office staff.

·        Aptech Marketing team will also stay in touch with the various corporates to understand the training needs of their employees and provide relevant schedules for the required trainings.

·        Aptech will encourage pre assessments (diagnostic tests) to understand the existing knowledge of the learners and the course will be selected by the learners or his/her employer after the result of the test so conducted.

·        Each learner must pay the fees in advance for the selected course. In case of enrollment through client/Tamkeen, the approval of the individual attending the training must have been received by Aptech on the portal.

·        All students are required to submit their identification proof (i.e. copy of valid CPR, Driving Licence, Passport Copy) at the time of registration at the Aptech Institute.

·        The documents provided by each learners are to be internally assessed by the Administration staff.

·        Aptech reserves the right to withhold or withdraw its offer of admission should there be reasonable doubt regarding the presence of falsehood in an application. Decisions regarding these shall always be based on the results of an investigative process.

·        Aptech also reserves the right to change schedule of or postpone a training schedule due to reasons beyond its control. 

·        In case of prospective learners with temporary or permanent disabilities, Academic Head will judge possibility if taking admission before allowing admission apart from the regular pre assessments and /or diagnostic tests.

·        Aptech will make all efforts to accept cases of disability, whether permanent or temporary, where it is possible to provide access to student of all resources required to complete a qualification, even with extra efforts or as a separate schedule if possible. E.g. cases with wheelchair, cases with partial hearing disability etc.

·        Admission and special attention for the learners with any kinds of disabilities will be also be guided through the Special learners’ policy


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