Learners Support and Guidance Policy


APTECH INSTITUTE, Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the leading Computer Education and Training providers in Kingdom of Bahrain established in the year 1993.  

Management of APTECH INSTITUTE, Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to comply with the rules and regulations of the land, and, towards providing high quality of Computer Education and other trainings to individuals and various corporates, and, meet and/or exceed expectations of all interested Parties. 


Through the implementation of the Learners Support and Guidance policy, the Management of APTECH INSTITUTE is committed to the following objectives:


·        To demonstrate the Aptech Training Institute’s (APTECH) proactive keenness in providing quality service to the learners. This policy ensures that learners are provided with all necessary support services during their training period at APTECH.

·        To ensure that the learners are provided with necessary support services they need to assist them in successfully completing a qualification.  The policy also helps APTECH in achieving their goal of providing quality service.

·        To encourage and motivate learners to accomplish their goal of effective learning and attaining high level impact of the training attended by them

·        To support weak learners in order to support them in achieving high grades in the trainings

·        To encourage high rates of attendance, punctuality and overall participation by learners. 

·        To meet the external requirements of i) Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA), Bahrain, Directorate of Vocational Reviews, and ii) Directorate of Institutes Affairs, Bahrain, Ministry of Labor and Social Development.



This policy applies to all trainees enrolled at, attending, or using Aptech classes and workshops whether through individual enrolment procedure or through a corporate who has sent him /her to attend the training at Aptech.    


The trainers, academic staff, and administration staff is primarily responsible for making sure that the activities and operations of the organization are in consistence with the spirit of this policy, including trainers and trainees.  

 Guiding Principles  

This policy primarily states that

·        Effective and pro-active learning support is to be provided in case the learners need assistance in understanding concepts of the training.  Trainers shall be approachable to provide learning tutoring support in terms of after class discussions, extra lab and practice sessions, extra classes to ensure the learners are able to reach the learning goals.

·        Learners shall be constantly asked about their comfort with the learning topics and in case of any support required the academic staff shall proactively ensure that all support is provided.

·        Learners shall regularly be encouraged to maintain 100% attendance and punctuality through rewards policy. Learners are to be guided at the start of the training about importance of 100% attendance and punctuality to ensure all learners benefit the maximum from the sessions conducted.

·        Learners shall also be provided with constant regular feedback on their performance by the trainer during the course of training. Trainers will also identify and help out learners in cases where more training session is needed.

·        Learners are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities wherever possible.

·        Learners shall be provided with an option of career counselling by taking an appointment with the Academic Head and/or the Career Counsellor. They can discuss career path and counselling relating to the training they are undergoing.

·        Learners (Job seekers) shall also provide support for preparing resume and for applying for relevant jobs.

·        In case of an unsuccessful attempt of an exam, Weak learners will be encouraged to re-appear for the exam with an option of availing full or partial refund to the extent approved by management, of the exam fee of further attempts, subject to clearing of such re-attempted exam. 

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